Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Aloe Vera in Gynecology

Fibroids and ovarian cysts are often found with women after the third decade of life. Contemporary medicine often resolves this problem by the way of surgeries (often more than one). Our doctors, referring to the actual cases in their own practice, mention cases when fibroids disappeared and when uterus shrank in size, after using Aloe Vera Gel in combination with some other Forever Living Products (FLP). Similarly they talk about disappearance of ovarian cysts. Chronic ovarian inflammation, and wounds on the uterus disappear after using Aloe Vera Gel in combination with some other FLP products. Aloe Vera is antimicrobic, and it is very successful in treating all kinds of vaginal infections; bacterial, viral, fungal as well as herpes and candida trihomans, etc. Dr. Robert Picker from California mentions that Aloe Vera is very successful in preventing and treating all kinds of genital herpes, which is widespread in this continent. As it is anti-inflammatory, it is useful for various gynecological inflammations.